What does Jake Fromm’s up and down season mean for his future? (Part 3)

At the end of the gloomy press conference, a reporter asked Smart why Fromm had a year of such decreases in his numbers better than the previous two seasons. Smart said he counted five to six drops in the game that could become explosive games, and then he pointed to the sidelines to explain the talent gap in the recipient.

While there’s no denying the validity of that statement, what does it say about next season? Cager will continue, and there is nothing to say just how much better the freshmen will be.

One reason for hope may have come in opening up the early signing period a few weeks before Georgia signed Marcus Rosemy, recipient of No. 4 in class 2020, and overturned Jermaine Burton, ESPN‘s ninth-ranked recipient and a Former LSU commitment. Talking about Rosemy & Co., Smart admitted: “Those large players know that we have needs. They know that they have a chance to play.”

Georgia also signed Carson Beck, a four-star prospect and midfielder ranked 16th in the class, and Smart will not rule out signing a second midfielder position or possibly a gradual transfer.

What that meant for Fromm was still to be seen. But the conversation between Smart and him about the future has begun.

For his part, Coley still believes in Fromm’s talent. He was a coach for Fromm’s position before being promoted to coordinator during the break, and he believes he has a reasonable explanation for Fromm’s drop release injury.

“With Lawrence Cager in the game … he completed 71% of the season”, Coley explained. “Lawrence Cager is not in the game, what is he? It is much lower. Did he back down, or did his stats regress? I would say the indicators have retreated.”

If anything, Coley said Fromm was actually “sharper” this season because of all the “multiples” that he had to work with the recipient.

Those multiples will only expand on Wednesday against Baylor when Fromm will have no attackers Andrew Thomas, Isaiah Wilson and Ben Cleveland, along with a run back to Brian Herrien.

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