What does Jake Fromm’s up and down season mean for his future? (Part 2)

“The football season is always difficult”, Jake Fromm said of the season-long fees affecting him. However, in many ways, SEC’s championship game a month ago felt like a miniature model for his lost season.

Georgia lost to LSU in the 37-10 landslide and Fromm felt like a scapegoat for having completed just 20 of his 42 passes in 225 yards, one touch of the ball and two interceptions.

But the loss is much deeper than the numbers on a statistic table. On one side of the field is a midfield position expected to be in the middle of the package in the conference, Joe Burrow, who instead became the Heisman Trophy winner. Burrow has a new criminal coordinator, Joe Brady, and everything changes as the tigers evolved perhaps the most dynamic crime in this sport.

Then there was Fromm on the other side of the field, who had fallen from his perch in the SEC midfielder rankings. He also had a new offensive coordinator during his leave, but instead of sweeping the change under James Coley, it seemed that the bolts received many running-oriented calls, mostly conservative that they have in the past.

Smart said it tried to do something different with LSU, understanding that a serious offense would not keep up with Burrow & Co. But it is too late or game overtaking is not challenging.

Human resources is a problem. While Burrow has two of the best recipients in the country Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Exactly, what does Fromm have to work with? Can you name any of his recipients?

Fromm’s favorite goal, Lawrence Cager, was out with an injury, as he was for parts of the season. His talented freshman, Pick Pick George, was suspended for the first half after punching an opponent in the season finals. And Dominick Blaylock, another promising freshman, tore up his ACL in the first quarter.

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