According to CBS News, the first economic income is from TV companies. American football tournaments have long been the most-watched program on American television.

According to The Time’s statistics, due to the reasonable time of the match, an average of 1 in 3 Americans in front of the TV, therefore, the price for advertising rates also increased. From the first American football match, 30 seconds of advertising costs only $40,000, but in recent years, NBC channel offered a price of not less than $ 4.5 million.

Because the market relies on audiences who can’t come to watch the game directly, the market from those who come to see the stadium is not bad. To facilitate travel between the east and west banks, many American football matches are usually held in central America. Thus, the people of the whole country have the opportunity to see the same while the host city receives the largest number of tourists possible.

CNBC said that American football tournaments often bring big profits for host cities. But specifically how much? Representatives of the American Football Association assessed that the match could help bring in between 1-2 million USD to the highest of 800 million USD. Many people now do not have to wait until the day of the new match, most of them combine a week of local tourism.

According to Investopedia, there is an “underground” index on the US stock market that is a super-index. Investors have long relied on the defeat of the two teams participating in this match as a measure for the stock of the year. If the Football League team wins, that year’s stock will go down. If the team plays in the national American football league, the stock will go up. The probability of accurate prediction is 80%.

In 2018, the Philadelphia City team was a national American football team, representing an increase in the stock index, which was judged to be less likely to win the Patriots from the American Football League.