Top the greatest NFL players all the time

Football is one of the most popular sports in the USA. The most favorite event is NFL. The American have a unique style to make outstanding among other nations. Also a sport called football, rule of NFL is dramatically different from others.

In this article, we share top the talented NFL players in the history who contribute to make records and popularity of the USA football to the human. Don’t ignore it if you like NFL or want to explore more information about culture in this nation.

1/ Reggie White

Reggie is a former to dominate NFL titles during his career.

He played at the defensive end role. At this position, he had a good performance when he always expressed his full of energy and power to join any NFL match he could. He had good ability to run fast and patented hump.

In addition, he also had some special skills when he could toss a ball to the net correctly or transfer it to his teammates.

During his career, he got two times for the NFL defensive player of year in 1987 and 1998 accordingly, won one Super Bowl championship, 13 times in consecutive pro bowl appearances during 1986 to 1998.

2/ Tom Brady

He has ever played a quarter back with frame of good achievement.

He starts his career with NFL at Michigan club. During this time, he has already collected five Lombardi trophies, four titles for Super Bowl MVP. In general, all his awards are the highest ranking of NFL.

Therefore, he is voted as one of the greatest NFL footballer all the time.

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