Top the greatest NFL players all the time

In this article, we continue to share top the best footballers in NFL all the time. Following it to know more information about football in the USA as well the ranking.

Through our collection, you are easy to follow history of NFL during time.

8/ Jim Brown

Jim Brown was a legend- a hero of the Cleveland as well the NFL. He played for this team from 1957 to 1969 at the fullback. At this position, he performed excellently his ability. He contributed his ability to the championship for Cleveland. He also was voted for the best of player in three times. These achievements made deeply impressive for any footballer.

After season in 1969, he retired and joined as an actor. He also got many leading roles during his career.

9/ Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice was close full of his career for NFL when he played total 20 seasons. So, he ever was voted for the greatest footballer all the time.

He played at the wide receiver.

On average, he improved 13 Pro Bowl titles, 10 All-Pro titles as well 3 titles for Super Bowl. These achievements were enough to show that what he dedicated and contributed to NFL. 

In his team, he always was a perfect captain when leading other teammates to co-operation, support and connection well. This was a special performance to make impressive and admiring.

10/ Tom Brady

Tom Brady played at quarterback. He was the last one to be ranked for the top greatest NFL all time. The truth that, his performance expressed his passion and hardworking at any season.

During his career, he got 4 titles for Super Bowl MVL and 6 times for the Champion which made records for any tournament in NFL. 

Brady was deserved to become a icon for hardworking to achieve success.

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