Sports is not just a competition but a lucrative business. While many people have to keep their eyes open because athletes’ salaries have risen to millions of dollars, it is far from the value of the whole team.

The more the team pays the stars, the higher their popularity. The proceeds from ticket sales or production of jerseys for sale are huge. These clubs have a large fan base that helps them stay financially successful. Here are the 3 most valuable American football teams in the world.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable NFL club with the largest sponsorship contract with AT&T Group. This team owns 79 consecutive sales of tickets at home. Dallas Cowboys has just completed the world’s largest $ 1.3 billion dome stadium.

New England Patriots The popularity of this American rugby team is also mainly from players that Tom Brady is one of the biggest names in the NFL season. He contributes a great part to the team’s millions of dollars in revenue each week. Since opening in 2002, the Gillette Stadium of the team has not had an empty seat every time there is a match. One of the strongest NFL competitors, the New England Patriots currently has about 60,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets.

Washington Redskins

The popularity of this team is mainly due to players being bought, not by management style. The Washington Redskins boss, Daniel Snyder, has always been criticized for legal disputes with ticket buyers and the name is somewhat racist. However, fans remain loyal to the players they admire, especially rookie Robert Griffin III. His No. 10 shirt currently holds the record for the highest sales.

New York Giants

The American football team was founded in 1925 when the new NFL American football tournament was just five years old and professional football was completely overshadowed by the popularity of other sports such as boxing and soccer.

The New York Giants had a hard time with 17 years of consecutive losing matches in play-offs. However, a huge fan base helped the team gradually increase ticket sales. New York Giants also own the highest NFL pre-ticketing rates with 20 years. The team also received $ 425 million in 25 years with sharing the MetLife stadium.