Here are the steps that every entrepreneur should learn from Tom Coughlin‘s training book.

Many praises have been given to coach Tom Coughlin for having a very sensible strategy, preparing the players psychologically and having practiced to almost the perfect set of tactics.

1. Get the most out of your talent

The great coaches of the American NFL are those who have the ability to train players to play well beyond his real talent. Just as Coughlin once helped Victor Cruz grow from an anonymous player to a professional player, a successful CEO knows how to cultivate talent, train, and reward at the right time.

2. Make a serious talent regime

The responsibility of starting a match at the NFL is usually assigned to those who are in good form. If an employee no longer fulfills the assigned task, he or she will have to resign.

3. Promotion

In the business world, successful leaders know how to reward and reward employees with good ideas. The promotion will be based on competence, not just seniority. The reward for all members of the team must be encouraging to keep them in a state of moderate optimism.

4. Assess your talent

At the NFL tournament, taking risks in mock matches can make or destroy your team. The Giants team made many people raise their eyebrows to choose a relatively small-name player Jason Pierre Paul in the first round of the 2010 trial. No two professional seasons followed, nobody questioned this choice. half. Similarly, a CEO can lead a company to grow if it recruits a good employee or can cause the company to fall back with a bad hiring decision, especially with mid-level personnel and high.