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Overview of American football (Part 1)

American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, it ranks above both king sports and is on par with basketball. Currently, American football is gradually gaining popularity worldwide. Why is this subject so popular? Learn more about American football overview information in the following article!


The playing field of American football will be about 91m long, divided into 20 sections and each section will have a length of 4.5m. The width of the yard is marked with 19 long white bars. Between the long lines are 4 rows of short lines, each separated by 1m, with 4 lines. In the final section, the end of the yard (forbidden area) with a length of 9.1m is usually a red diagonal stripe and separated by a long white line (no road). At the end of the restricted area is the last line, followed by the goalpost.

An American football team can be up to 40-50 people, divided into 3 small teams including attack team, defensive team, mixed teams or special teams. 7 people in the top include a midfielder, 2 sides are 2 big players midfielder, next to 2 midfielders are 2 players will take charge of attacking big butting, the other is 2 players catch the ball.

The captain will stand behind the player. Behind the captain is the central defender or defender. Two stop buttons will stand behind the catcher and the big knocker. Although they use different formations depending on the circumstances, the number of players in the team is at least 5 people.

The attacking team will have 4 attempts to find a 10 yards approach to the opponent’s field (each yard = 0.91m) to get to the end of the team, scoring 6 points. If the player does not move 10 yards after playing 4 times, he must return the ball to the opponent. The opponent will replace all players with a defensive role, instead of 11 players attacking. Your team is the opposite when you replace 11 attacking players with 11 defensive players.

American football league – such a highly-dangerous arena (Part 2)

Second, the way to jump high above the beam is one of the basic techniques of high dance which is loved by many people today. There are many ways to jump high through the beams so that you can perform according to your physical condition as well as each tournament.

Because of the contentiousness of the competition due to competing for the ball and every inch of the field, American football is extremely dangerous. The players are equipped with head-to-head helmets and armor, and all kinds of protective equipment to fight. At first glance, they are no different from warriors preparing to step into the life and death arena.

American football tournament’s damage level

American football leagues are dangerous because of their level of violence. US President Barack Obama has also been very concerned about the subject. He once told his son very carefully before letting him join the sport. Moreover, the Boston University of America has also produced research that shows the extreme danger of bumps and acrobatics in football.

According to statistics from American football matches, many American football players suffer from injuries every year. Some people suffer from head injuries and they can cause long-term damage to their brains. According to reports from many reputable sources, up to 34 professional players show signs of brain damage on a total of 35 professional retired players. So far, about 4,000 players have taken their claims to the NFL due to receiving too many injuries from American football matches.

Above is the basic information about American football league. With the danger level of this tournament, if there is no adjustment to the rules of the game, there will be a lot of unwanted injuries every year for American football players.

Top 3 most expensive American football teams in the world

Sports is not just a competition but a lucrative business. While many people have to keep their eyes open because athletes’ salaries have risen to millions of dollars, it is far from the value of the whole team.

The more the team pays the stars, the higher their popularity. The proceeds from ticket sales or production of jerseys for sale are huge. These clubs have a large fan base that helps them stay financially successful. Here are the 3 most valuable American football teams in the world.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable NFL club with the largest sponsorship contract with AT&T Group. This team owns 79 consecutive sales of tickets at home. Dallas Cowboys has just completed the world’s largest $ 1.3 billion dome stadium.

New England Patriots The popularity of this American rugby team is also mainly from players that Tom Brady is one of the biggest names in the NFL season. He contributes a great part to the team’s millions of dollars in revenue each week. Since opening in 2002, the Gillette Stadium of the team has not had an empty seat every time there is a match. One of the strongest NFL competitors, the New England Patriots currently has about 60,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets.

Washington Redskins

The popularity of this team is mainly due to players being bought, not by management style. The Washington Redskins boss, Daniel Snyder, has always been criticized for legal disputes with ticket buyers and the name is somewhat racist. However, fans remain loyal to the players they admire, especially rookie Robert Griffin III. His No. 10 shirt currently holds the record for the highest sales.

New York Giants

The American football team was founded in 1925 when the new NFL American football tournament was just five years old and professional football was completely overshadowed by the popularity of other sports such as boxing and soccer.

The New York Giants had a hard time with 17 years of consecutive losing matches in play-offs. However, a huge fan base helped the team gradually increase ticket sales. New York Giants also own the highest NFL pre-ticketing rates with 20 years. The team also received $ 425 million in 25 years with sharing the MetLife stadium.

14-year-old American football phenomenon was shot dead

The dream of playing in the national American football team has been forever unfinished.

Jaylon McKenzie, Bellville, Illinois eighth-grader, died after a stray bullet hit him on May 4, while attending friends at a party in Venice, near the border between Illinois and Missouri. The incident happened around 23:40 nights, starting from controversies that led to shooting at the party. Jaylon tried to leave but went back to pick up things to help his friend and hit the bullet. Although being taken to the hospital, he did not survive. Another 15-year-old female student present at the party is also in critical condition.

Jaylon appeared in the “Future of Sports” Picture Book in November 2018 with five other American teen stars. He always dreamed of becoming a professional rugby star, playing for Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Chargers in California. The male student was also invited to study by two universities, Missouri and Illinois.

Sukeena Gunner, Jaylon’s mother, said he regularly attended summer football tournaments but in May, activities were less so Jaylon had more free time. He also rarely attended parties until the incident happened. In this mother’s eyes, the youngest of 5 brothers have a beautiful smile, speaks softly, modestly and is loved by many people.

On the American Social Network, many people expressed their grief over the departure of the talented boy, including politicians and athletes. Senator LaToya Greenwood, Illinois representative wrote tribute lines on Jaylon McKenzie on personal Facebook and called the loss “extreme pain”.

Gun violence is a painful problem in American society. At the end of February this year, the House of Representatives of the country passed a large-scale gun safety bill, allowing expansion of background checks for all cases of gun sales, through the purchase of weapons for exhibitions, exhibitions or the Internet.

This is the first gun-tightening bill passed by the US House of Representatives within a quarter of a century but faces strong opposition in the Senate, where Republicans hold the majority and President Donald Trump, a major supporter of the National Rifle Association and gun supporters. President Trump has vowed to reject the bill if passed by parliament.

American football – one of the most favored sports in America

Referring to American sports, one cannot help but mention the sport this whole country loves – the “American football” competition.

In the United States, people don’t admire football and there is not much merit in this field, but mentioning traditional sports with a history of over 100 years – “American football”, every American is very proud. Americans are so passionate about American football that they have invested a lot of money in building spectacular stadiums or spending several billion dollars to organize the seasons every year.

Of course, this also brings a lot of money to America from tourism, hotels, entertainment services. The most famous tournaments in the United States include annual competitions such as “Super Bowl” at the end of January, the “LFL – Lingerie Football League“, which is the women’s American football tournament with hot bikini girls, The American football league “College Football” or the National Football League “NFL – National Football League” is taking place.

Each US state or university has at least one qualified stadium. These stadiums are not only large in size but also strong in international quality and are always full of people. If you have the opportunity to go to the US on the right season, there is a saying that you should keep in mind: “If you don’t have at least $ 10,000 in your credit card, then it’s best to stay home and watch TV.” This is very expensive, ranging from 800-1,500 USD, not to mention that the outfit must be in the same color as your team cheering is almost a must.

Invite you to admire the famous stadiums in the United States – where professional seasons that only Americans call it “football”. You will probably feel more or less the love that Americans have for American football.