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Australian sport: The ‘sex tape’ scandal spread at American football

Phil Gould, the owner of the Penrith Panthers American football club, has just warned that his team involved in the sex tape scandal is not an isolated case, but this disaster is ‘spreading’ across the teams. American football in this country.

According to AFP, in the past few days, Penrith Club has been shaken by the appearance on social media of the black videos that the male character is thought to be a player of the team. This scandal has shadowed the preparation process for the new national championship season, which will start in mid-March.

Earlier, on 5.3, young Tyrone May was accused by the police to film and share “cloudy” images with two women at different times without them knowing. Tyrone May became the third player within a week to be suspended indefinitely under new strict rules to prevent Australian American football stars from committing serious offenses. This regulation was issued after a series of incidents on the pitch.

Previously, players with misconduct will continue to play while awaiting the conclusion of the trial. Mr. Phil Gould said that the issue of sex tape haunting the Panthers team is not an isolated issue. AFP quoted Gould’s speech on the Nine Network television network: “It is extremely popular (in football), and when talking with people who are dealing with this issue every day, then we are still dealing with this issue in all walks of life. The real concern is that this affects children at school. In the age of mobile phones and cameras, that’s old. ”

Canterbury Bulldogs star Dylan Napa was fined for appearing in many sex clips

Last week, Canterbury Bulldogs star Dylan Napa was fined 10% of his salary in 2019 for appearing in many sex clips. Regarding the team’s sex tape scandal, Mr. Gould added: “We are a very strong club, and I was devastated when this happened to our club, but we will overcome it.” The Penrith Panthers will kick off the season against Parramatta Eels on March 17.

Overview of American football (Part 2)

If the game has reached 10 yards every 4 times, there will be 4 more plays. Like that, if the team takes the ball to the end of the opponent’s line, it will score 6 points.

After each score, 7 Field (Touch down) and 3 points (Field Goal) are required to return the ball to your team. Can kick the ball from the middle of the field to your team. If it is the opponent’s turn to attack, his team will be defensive, so on and on.

In the United States, there is a professional football league NFL (National Football League) and an amateur college (College Football) between universities.

Such a dangerous sport

American football is a sport that is often dangerous with many dangerous moves such as ramming, bumping, tumbling, etc. Players participating in the competition must be fully equipped with a full-equipped helmet, protective gear, armor to be more confident when entering the competition, avoiding unnecessary accidents.

The reason is risky because of the fierce nature of competition, so many injuries occur such as knee tank, head injury, bruising of the hip, shoulders, ankles, hands, etc. will cause long-lasting injuries and can even cause serious damage to the brain. That’s why football players have a short time and chronic pain will last long.

According to a study by Boston University in the US, it has also shown the extreme danger that this sport brings. According to statistics, there are many players suffering from head injuries that cause serious injury, even chronic brain injury. The age of this game is very short because of the sequelae when playing, it is extremely long-lasting. Of the 35 retired professional players, up to 34 players show signs of brain damage.

Although it is the most popular sport, when participating, you should think carefully because of the injuries and seizures left. Play safely, avoid violence to bring the most fun and comfortable moments.

The Women’s University Sevens League of AFL attracts international players

This is a women’s sports competition that officials from the Cricket League hope to bring a path to Australia’s Olympic athletes in the future.

“The tournament will play better last year and it will get better, the beats are stronger and people will play faster and the game will be faster.”

She will play for the University of Queensland in the second season of the Uni Sevens Series, along with two teammates from the Netherlands in the ranks of the University of Queensland. Overall, 20 international players will compete in 5 rounds, which is considered to be against rivals in the American football world.

Meanwhile, Ms. Abby Gustaitis from the United States played for the University of Canberra team again.

“There are many girls from the United States who are very jealous of the competition in this Lower Country and we have to practice more before the series starts again.” She said she would play in three competitions at the opening, before joining the American team when starting the world tournament. The competition started with three teams of Australian universities, and the players were contracted.

University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne will compete and the University of Western Australia will participate next year.

Anni Buntine started playing for sevens American football and said the sport attracted many women in Melbourne, which is considered the traditional holy land of AFL American football.

“Some of us have a base in the Australian League American football league, so we often clash more aggressively, but that is very exciting to see that we can reach a bright future in American football”.

“Joining the competition, I think we have a lower body, but no one knows what we have achieved, I think we are a little closer to the results.”

The competition is set up, to open a path for young talents

The work of the Sevens women who won the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, attracted the attention of everyone in the subject. The Australian American football head, Ben Whitaket, said the second season of the tournament again, will help discover and nurture future national stars before the Olympics. Tokyo Association in 2020.

“We want to find talented and dynamic players to really promote the best and nurture stars in the future before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.”

What do American football tournaments bring to America’s economy?

According to CBS News, the first economic income is from TV companies. American football tournaments have long been the most-watched program on American television.

According to The Time’s statistics, due to the reasonable time of the match, an average of 1 in 3 Americans in front of the TV, therefore, the price for advertising rates also increased. From the first American football match, 30 seconds of advertising costs only $40,000, but in recent years, NBC channel offered a price of not less than $ 4.5 million.

Because the market relies on audiences who can’t come to watch the game directly, the market from those who come to see the stadium is not bad. To facilitate travel between the east and west banks, many American football matches are usually held in central America. Thus, the people of the whole country have the opportunity to see the same while the host city receives the largest number of tourists possible.

CNBC said that American football tournaments often bring big profits for host cities. But specifically how much? Representatives of the American Football Association assessed that the match could help bring in between 1-2 million USD to the highest of 800 million USD. Many people now do not have to wait until the day of the new match, most of them combine a week of local tourism.

According to Investopedia, there is an “underground” index on the US stock market that is a super-index. Investors have long relied on the defeat of the two teams participating in this match as a measure for the stock of the year. If the Football League team wins, that year’s stock will go down. If the team plays in the national American football league, the stock will go up. The probability of accurate prediction is 80%.

In 2018, the Philadelphia City team was a national American football team, representing an increase in the stock index, which was judged to be less likely to win the Patriots from the American Football League.