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What does Jake Fromm’s up and down season mean for his future? (Part 1)

On paper, Jake Fromm has all the characteristics of an NFL midfielder. At 6 feet 2 and 220 pounds, Georgia callers have prototype sizes related to location. His arm is more likely to make the necessary throws, and he’s sportier than you think, rushing 10 or more yards 13 times in his career.

The intangible assets are also there. He is intelligent, thoughtful and respected as a leader. The only time he seemed to find trouble was on the water; Last summer, he broke his arm in a weird rowing accident and a prey got stuck in his calf while fishing.

However, he’s been the Ironman of the SEC for the past three years, starting 41 matches in a row. He won 34 huge numbers. During that time, only 16 quarter-finals had an average of QBR total of 80 or more – including the three previous Heisman Trophy winners and four first-round NFL draft picks – and he was one of number of them.

When it comes to the best transferable metric to the NFL – completion rates – he’s solid. Although committing an offense in a professional manner does not use as many short passes as the spread, he has never failed to complete less than 60% of his passes in a given season and he never threw a two-digit block. In fact, he has only 18 points in his entire career, less than two teams (Texas and UAB) only this season.

As his coach, Kirby Smart, spoke back in the summer, there was something that every NFL scout was looking for, and Fromm, well, “he checked every single box on that list”.

But after the season of ups and downs according to those comments, it was fair to wonder whether Fromm’s entire profile had become less than the sum of its parts.

In the summer, he seemed like a good bet to join the NFL draft, but now, when participating in the Allstate Sugar Bowl on Wednesday against Baylor, we will wonder if this will be the end. His time at university or he will be back for his senior year and try to go out with a high note.

Asked about this Sunday, Fromm told reporters in New Orleans that he had received a draft class and would sit down with his family after the bowl match to decide his future.