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American football, boxing can cause brain damage (Part 1)

The risk of concussion in some high-impact sports is so clear that Dr. Bennet Omalu cannot believe that he is still trying to prove to everyone how dangerous the impact on the head is. But this is exactly what Nigerian medical doctors have faced up to now, after more than 13 years he first diagnosed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) syndrome. Chronic brain injury in some American American football players (NFL).

“I’m not an anti-sports person,” said Mr Omalu, who is now an American citizen and head of the medical examination department in San Joaquin County in California. “But high impact sports like soccer, boxing, ice hockey, mixed martial arts and American football are very dangerous for children. There are hundreds of other sports for them to practice and change. Or simply, instead of letting them use helmets, give them a racket. “

This is also the message that Omalu set out in the Don’t Let Kids Play Football campaign in the New York Times at the end of last year. Three months ago, American researchers also pointed out the consequences of CTE syndrome leading to conditions such as dementia, depression and dementia in 96% of former NFL players tested. And if under a ruling made by the Federal Court last year, the compensation agreement could cost the NFL up to $ 1 billion for 5,000 former NFL players who suffered head injuries in the past 65 years.

Because of this, Dr. Omalu’s CTE research and publication efforts have faced NFL opposition over the years. Even this tense battle was brought to the screen through the movie Concussion with the role of Will Smith. The Concussion is 122 minutes long and is expected to be nominated for an Oscar nomination next month, but according to Dr. Omalu, the film’s impact is greater than a conventional film.