According to the latest publication of the prestigious magazine Forbes, an American team has surpassed MU and Real Madrid to become the richest sports club in the world.

From 2011 until now, Real Madrid has no rivals in the money race in football in particular and in general sports. President Perez’s galaxy is always the most valuable because of its quality superstar and terrible attraction to the media.

Real Madrid is worth 2,762 billion pounds

However, despite the fact that Real has just won the 11th Champions League in history, the No. 1 position on the rich rankings has been taken. Dallas Cowboys have sprung up in a short span of time. According to a statement from Forbes, this football team is worth an estimated US $ 4 billion (equivalent to £ 3,031 billion).

Real Madrid slipped to No. 2 with $ 3,645 billion (£ 2,762 billion). Right after Barcelona, ​​the La Liga championship has helped the Catalunya team gain one place and are worth $ 3.549 billion (£ 2,689 billion). MU is the other football team appearing in the top 5. The value of “That Devil” reached 3,317 billion USD (2,513 billion pounds). Fourth place went to the New York Yankees American baseball club ($ 3,400 billion).

The remaining football clubs are left quite far behind, Germany’s No. 1 name Bayern is only 12th ($ 2,678 billion), Arsenal is 23rd ($ 2,017 billion) while Man City sped up to 28th. (US $ 1,921 billion). Chelsea (No. 36; $ 1,661 billion) and Liverpool (41; $ 1,548 billion) are the last two names to appear in the top 50 richest sports clubs in the world.

Top 5 richest sports clubs in the world

1. Dallas Cowboys (American football)

2. Real Madrid (football)

3. Barcelona (football)

4. New York Yankees (baseball)

5. Manchester United (football)