If the game has reached 10 yards every 4 times, there will be 4 more plays. Like that, if the team takes the ball to the end of the opponent’s line, it will score 6 points.

After each score, 7 Field (Touch down) and 3 points (Field Goal) are required to return the ball to your team. Can kick the ball from the middle of the field to your team. If it is the opponent’s turn to attack, his team will be defensive, so on and on.

In the United States, there is a professional football league NFL (National Football League) and an amateur college (College Football) between universities.

Such a dangerous sport

American football is a sport that is often dangerous with many dangerous moves such as ramming, bumping, tumbling, etc. Players participating in the competition must be fully equipped with a full-equipped helmet, protective gear, armor to be more confident when entering the competition, avoiding unnecessary accidents.

The reason is risky because of the fierce nature of competition, so many injuries occur such as knee tank, head injury, bruising of the hip, shoulders, ankles, hands, etc. will cause long-lasting injuries and can even cause serious damage to the brain. That’s why football players have a short time and chronic pain will last long.

According to a study by Boston University in the US, it has also shown the extreme danger that this sport brings. According to statistics, there are many players suffering from head injuries that cause serious injury, even chronic brain injury. The age of this game is very short because of the sequelae when playing, it is extremely long-lasting. Of the 35 retired professional players, up to 34 players show signs of brain damage.

Although it is the most popular sport, when participating, you should think carefully because of the injuries and seizures left. Play safely, avoid violence to bring the most fun and comfortable moments.