History of National football league (Part 1)

National football league is also well-known as NFL being the biggest football event in America.

The fact, it is considered as a pastime of America because there are millions of fan to follow the NFL annually. 

Why it can develop strongly at America? This answer will be answered in our ranking. We share history about NFL with major events.

Although the professional football has a long history from many years ago, NFL only appeared and started in America since 1960s. However, it has fast speech to become domestic game at this nation.

Firstly, history in 1800s- 1900s

The first event was publicized in 1892 between the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The fact, some football matches happened before, it was not paid to play.

All players of both teams received money as prize after the match finished. So, people realized it remarked the professional football.

After that, there were some official leagues held under attempts of football fans. Almost it was paid little money or even fanfare. So, it didn’t exist in a long time.

In all local football leagues, Ohio league was known as the most successful event when they found out one talented athlete Jim Thorpe. Because of lacking organization, it prevented development of professional football as well success of class players. All people were aware of role for professional football organizations.

Some owners of big teams like Bulldogs and the Akron Pros decided to organize meeting so that they can agree for something new in football.

After the second meeting, they decided to organize National football league, under managed of Jim Thorpe as the first president. They created a new organization to take care and control all problems about football, named the American professional football association. The NFL was the first event held under management by this association.

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