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American football players need to practice boxing (Part 1)

Despite being the most competitive sport of the day, American football players still have to practice boxing as a supplement to American football – the most violent sport in the world.

There have been many American football players claiming that Boxing is one of the most important exercises in the training program. But why does adding boxing to the training program help players compete more effectively?

Endurance factor

American football is one of the sports with the highest fitness requirements. There have been many players who failed on the pitch because of exhaustion before the game ended. Boxing is the same. 3 rounds of boxing competition with physical fitness equivalent to running 21km.

In the words of USC Trojan midfielder Jack Sears, the program of endurance training by a professional puncher is the most difficult exercise he has ever tried. The reason this exercise is so intense is because boxers will always have to prepare for the worst case, they have to play up to 36 minutes.

Hand-eye coordination

While endurance is important, it’s not the only thing that needs to be focused on Boxing. Accuracy of the punch is equally important, a strong punch without hitting the target is a waste of fitness. This is similar to American football, many players have stated that sprinting is not as important as catching a teammate’s pass.

That is why the players apply Boxing hand-eye exercises to the training program. More specifically, they chose to hit the pad, this is an exercise that does not need much investment cost but great effect.

Move and defense

Boxing is not just a sport where boxers release their punches for 12 rounds, dodging is also an important part of Boxing. World-class defenders with good defensive skills, such as Mayweather and Tyson Fury, have good stamina and mobility.

Find out about betting rules in American football (Part 1)

American football is the most popular sport in the US, it ranks above both football and on par with basketball. Let’s find out about this subject to know why they like it so much.

American football is an popular and popular team sport in the United States. American football is closely related to Canadian American football but there are some differences in game rules and many other characteristics. In the United States, some of the main types of American football are high school football, college football and professional football, which are basically the same but differ in some points from the rules.

An American football team can have up to 40-50 people, divided into 3 small teams including as follows.

Attack team

The defensive team

Mixed team or special team

The 7 upper row include the center serve, the two sides are two giant midfielders (guard), next to the two midfielders are the two guys in charge of a huge (tackle) attack, and outmost are the two guys catching the ball (wide receiver).

The captain (quarterback) will stand behind the server. Behind the captain is the center back (halfback or running back) or defender (fullback).

Two tight-end buttons will stand behind between the catcher and the big butcher. Although they can use different teams depending on the situation, the number of players in the upper row must be at least 5 people.

American football rules

In terms of basic rules, the offensive team has 4 play times, and tries to get the ball to go to the side of your team 10 yards (each yard = 0.91 m). If you fail to progress the course 10 times after 4 games, you must give the ball to your team.

And your team will replace all defensive players, and replace 11 attacking players, and your team will do the opposite, replacing all 11 offensive players with 11 defensive players.

If you make 10 yards or more in those 4 games, you will get 4 more games. Just like that, if the attacking team gets the ball to the opponent’s baseline, they get 6 points – called a “Touch down”.

American football, boxing can cause brain damage (Part 2)

“Many nights I fell asleep and wished I never had to deal with traumatic brain injuries,” Mr. Omalu said. “But what kept me going was when I realized that many players had solved it. turmeric has brought these syndromes in silence, in darkness. No one talks to them and in fact they are ashamed of themselves for the heroic culture that exists in the NFL.”

Not only American football, but also football cannot avoid criticism from Dr. Omalu. Remember in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Uruguayan player Alvaro Pereira passed out after colliding with England’s Raheem Sterling. However, Pereira was then allowed to continue playing. According to Dr. Omalu, he does not classify football as a group of high impact sports because the goal of football is not to target the opponent but some aspects also need to be considered.

“Instead of using an 11-player squad, can we reduce the number of members for each team? Should we put a ban on headers at youth leagues?” He said. is how to control risk and reduce the risk of headaches.”

It is not unreasonable that in November last year, the American Football Association banned children under 10 years of age from playing with the head, while ages 11-13 also restricted the use of the head in training.

As Dr. Omalu said “In the past, most parents said they didn’t know the risks in high impact sports. Now we all know and our duty is to protect children.”

As can be seen, some sports like American football and boxing can cause many types of injuries including brain damage. Because of that fact, there have been many inventions to decrease the damages the sport may bring such as specialized helmet and uniform. However, American football and boxing are such dangerous sports that should be limited for children.

Australian sport: The ‘sex tape’ scandal spread at American football

Phil Gould, the owner of the Penrith Panthers American football club, has just warned that his team involved in the sex tape scandal is not an isolated case, but this disaster is ‘spreading’ across the teams. American football in this country.

According to AFP, in the past few days, Penrith Club has been shaken by the appearance on social media of the black videos that the male character is thought to be a player of the team. This scandal has shadowed the preparation process for the new national championship season, which will start in mid-March.

Earlier, on 5.3, young Tyrone May was accused by the police to film and share “cloudy” images with two women at different times without them knowing. Tyrone May became the third player within a week to be suspended indefinitely under new strict rules to prevent Australian American football stars from committing serious offenses. This regulation was issued after a series of incidents on the pitch.

Previously, players with misconduct will continue to play while awaiting the conclusion of the trial. Mr. Phil Gould said that the issue of sex tape haunting the Panthers team is not an isolated issue. AFP quoted Gould’s speech on the Nine Network television network: “It is extremely popular (in football), and when talking with people who are dealing with this issue every day, then we are still dealing with this issue in all walks of life. The real concern is that this affects children at school. In the age of mobile phones and cameras, that’s old. ”

Canterbury Bulldogs star Dylan Napa was fined for appearing in many sex clips

Last week, Canterbury Bulldogs star Dylan Napa was fined 10% of his salary in 2019 for appearing in many sex clips. Regarding the team’s sex tape scandal, Mr. Gould added: “We are a very strong club, and I was devastated when this happened to our club, but we will overcome it.” The Penrith Panthers will kick off the season against Parramatta Eels on March 17.

American football, boxing can cause brain damage (Part 1)

The risk of concussion in some high-impact sports is so clear that Dr. Bennet Omalu cannot believe that he is still trying to prove to everyone how dangerous the impact on the head is. But this is exactly what Nigerian medical doctors have faced up to now, after more than 13 years he first diagnosed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) syndrome. Chronic brain injury in some American American football players (NFL).

“I’m not an anti-sports person,” said Mr Omalu, who is now an American citizen and head of the medical examination department in San Joaquin County in California. “But high impact sports like soccer, boxing, ice hockey, mixed martial arts and American football are very dangerous for children. There are hundreds of other sports for them to practice and change. Or simply, instead of letting them use helmets, give them a racket. “

This is also the message that Omalu set out in the Don’t Let Kids Play Football campaign in the New York Times at the end of last year. Three months ago, American researchers also pointed out the consequences of CTE syndrome leading to conditions such as dementia, depression and dementia in 96% of former NFL players tested. And if under a ruling made by the Federal Court last year, the compensation agreement could cost the NFL up to $ 1 billion for 5,000 former NFL players who suffered head injuries in the past 65 years.

Because of this, Dr. Omalu’s CTE research and publication efforts have faced NFL opposition over the years. Even this tense battle was brought to the screen through the movie Concussion with the role of Will Smith. The Concussion is 122 minutes long and is expected to be nominated for an Oscar nomination next month, but according to Dr. Omalu, the film’s impact is greater than a conventional film.

New NFL helmet rules when playing American football

Newly established NFL helmet rules will stand. However, the new rule is currently surrounded by controversy after recent events have proven its weaknesses.

The NFL presleg match between the Chargers and the Cardinals, a pair of fouls were called on the Arizona players. First, a penalty known as safety AJ Howard, wiping out a jumble that Cardinals take advantage of and recover.

It was called an illegal blow on an unguarded receiver, but Sean Culkin’s tight final charger ensured the ball was long enough to no longer be protected. Moreover, he owns the ball long enough to complete the capture process. This could be because Howard lowered his helmet to contact, which is what he did.

But here is where the problem gets bigger: Many say that he has no other choice. Howard tries to pull out a settlement form in real time and at full speed, but he remembers his markings and helmets touch Culkin. As a rule of thumb, this requires a penalty each time.

The second incident occurred in the same game. Cardinal safely Travell Dixon, after trying a form of settlement, lowered his helmet and contacted the receiver Chargers Geremy Davis. Again, as the rule was written, the flag was thrown and a foul called.

Referee Brad Allen stressed that more of these fouls will be seen during the preseason, but everything that the rule states are being applied properly. The problem is that the rule builders have made it so big that it will try to straighten out the irreparable behavior within the limits of how the game has been played, for decades.

All of the aforementioned events are disturbing cases. Training staff, players and even commissioners need to open their eyes.

NFL helmet rules are much broader, including not only the use of helmets as a weapon but also accidental contact that can occur when one moving player clashes with another player. And the smart move would be to improve the rules in a more centralized manner, to arrange a meeting between owners and to go over the specifics of the rule just like the first implemented rule was decided in March.

Moreover, past events show that the NFL will never be willing to admit this mistake and make the shot, opting instead to ignore the current issue. This means that fans will be ready for a season that will raise eyebrows for all the wrong reasons.

A new record in an American football game was made in … England

American football is a sport quite strange to the British. That judgment was mercilessly negated on Sunday. There were 85,870 tickets sold at the Wembley Stadium for the confrontation between the reigning Super Bowl champions – Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a record of the American football tournament in the number of spectators. This is an agreement between the NFL organizers and the Wembley stadium.

American football is quite strange to the British

There were 85,870 tickets sold at the Wembley Stadium for the confrontation between Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a record of the American football tournament in the number of spectators. This is an agreement between the NFL organizers and the Wembley stadium.

England’s national stadium not only hosts football, but also a venue for epic music events, has brought a very new color when, for the first time, strong American football boys from across the Atlantic to this competition.

This event proves that American sports still have a great attraction to the UK audience in particular and the European audience in general. The thing, this dance will make the grass surface affected, especially at tonight’s confrontation between Tottenham and Manchester City. 

American football is a popular team sport in the United States. American football is closely related to Canadian football but there are some differences in rules and other characteristics. In the United States, some of the main forms of American football are high school football, college football and professional football, which are basically the same but differ in some points from the rules.

The National Football League, or NFL for short, is an American football league for men. There are 32 teams attending. The tournament was started in 1920 and went through two mergers with the AAFC (American Football League) and AFC (American Football League). The tournament takes place from the first Thursday of September and ends the first Sunday of February next year.

The tournament has 3 phases: the beginning of the season takes place about 2 weeks at the end of August, the official season takes place in 3 months to the new year and the playoff round takes place in 1 month of the new year.

How American football season is set up?

American football as an organized sport has come a long way from the early years. Teams at each level play in a standard season and are governed by various American football leagues, such as the NFL and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

The heart of the American football season is in the autumn months. However, training camps, trainings, and season matches usually start in the summer, and playoffs and bowls are held after Christmas and in February. Here’s how the rest season works for each level of play.

High school teams usually play eight to ten games in a season, starting after the labor day. If the teams have a successful tournament season, they will be promoted to regional or state playoff tournaments. Some schools in Texas play up to 15 games if they advance to the state championship game. Most high school teams play in a regional tournament, although some travel 50 to 100 miles to play opponents.

University American football teams

play between 10 and 13 matches, mostly in a specific meeting – Pac-12, Big Ten, SEC, ACC, etc. The top teams in the Football Division Sub-Division I FBS, make up the universities with the most money for sports scholarships, in advance through invitations to season football matches or a four-team playoff match for national championship.

Starting in the 2014-2015 season, the top four teams play in the two semi-finals, with winners facing each other in the University Football Tournament. This playoff system has replaced the controversial BCS system, which has been in use since 1998 through the 2013-2014 season.

NFL teams

32 NFL teams are divided into two conferences, NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference). American football is a weekend sport, although some games are played on Mondays and Thursdays, especially in the NFL. In general, however, the American football season begins seriously in the labor day, following this orderly pattern:

College games take place on Saturdays, mostly during the day, although a few are held on Thursdays and Fridays.

NFL plays on Sundays for the most part. For television purposes, the games are played early in the afternoon and late afternoon (Eastern time).            

Some professional American football teams in the world

American football has long been a spiritual dish for Americans along with basketball, and baseball. It is understandable that DC Comics brings this sport into its cinematic or comic universe. In this article I will summarize some of the teams in the DC cinema and comic universe and the fun fact that I found. Note that the following teams are not sure to play together in a universe or a tournament.

Gotham Rouges: Appears in The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan. This shirt color is probably inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers currently playing in the American Professional League (NFL). Fun fact: the stadium that Gotham Rouges plays in The Dark Knight Rises is the home of Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field.

Rapid City Monuments: The team competes with Gotham Rouges in The Dark Knight Rises. Fun fact: The 19th baseballs player, Ravenstahl, is a former American football player in real life.

Gotham Knights: First appeared in the Fear of Victory episode of Batman TV series (1992), and later in the Justice League TV series “Secret”. The team uniform is gray shirt and red pants.

Boston Colonials: Team battle with Gotham Knights in Fear of Victory.

Blüdhaven Brawlers: Appeared in Nightwing (volume 2) # 26, not much is known about this team.

Central City Cougars

Steel City Tigers: appears in the Teen Titans Series on Cartoon Network. In the episode, Raven is teleported to the field where Steel City Tigers are playing and is crushed: V

Metropolis Sharks: Appears in Smallville “Reaper”. This team is owned by LuthorCorp.

In addition, some of the real-life teams that are competing in the US NFL professional league are also in comics like New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers or St. Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams).

The leadership lessons from a great American football coach (Part 2)

4. Spend hours watching your competitors

For American football, you must understand the strengths and weaknesses, the trends of the opponent. Coughlin knew the Patriots’ weakness was the midfield, so Eli Manning was launched and passed his first 10 ball lines. In business, the Executive Director must make the same effort to study competitors.

Where do they advertise? What is their best product? Their activities on social networks Twitter and Facebook give the young players a chance to shine, and during the 2011-12 season, coach Coughlin gave a lot of opportunities to young players.

When an injury occurs, these players can confidently fill the void because they have some experience playing football in the NFL. You will not be able to know if young employees can improve their professional skills if they do not give them the responsibility to do a real job. Not everyone will succeed, but this will help create a work environment in which every employee finds themselves part of the company.

6. Plan your match carefully

A good coach will know exactly how he wants his team to play before it takes a long time to play. He knew his team’s strong points and devised tactics to beat his opponents. An Executive Director will plan marketing campaigns, introduce new products and customer service accurately, very limited change.

8. Put the whole team above the star players

The high-priced players cannot guarantee success. The Giants didn’t have the best players in the NFL, but Coughlin gathered an excellent team based on individuals who didn’t stand out from the rest of the team. A smart CEO will be able to get employees working together to maximize the capacity of all, creating internal teams and a collaborative working atmosphere.

Above are the leadership lessons from a great American football coach. Hopefully, these lessons are helpful to you in some ways!

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