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New NFL helmet rules when playing American football

Newly established NFL helmet rules will stand. However, the new rule is currently surrounded by controversy after recent events have proven its weaknesses.

The NFL presleg match between the Chargers and the Cardinals, a pair of fouls were called on the Arizona players. First, a penalty known as safety AJ Howard, wiping out a jumble that Cardinals take advantage of and recover.

It was called an illegal blow on an unguarded receiver, but Sean Culkin’s tight final charger ensured the ball was long enough to no longer be protected. Moreover, he owns the ball long enough to complete the capture process. This could be because Howard lowered his helmet to contact, which is what he did.

But here is where the problem gets bigger: Many say that he has no other choice. Howard tries to pull out a settlement form in real time and at full speed, but he remembers his markings and helmets touch Culkin. As a rule of thumb, this requires a penalty each time.

The second incident occurred in the same game. Cardinal safely Travell Dixon, after trying a form of settlement, lowered his helmet and contacted the receiver Chargers Geremy Davis. Again, as the rule was written, the flag was thrown and a foul called.

Referee Brad Allen stressed that more of these fouls will be seen during the preseason, but everything that the rule states are being applied properly. The problem is that the rule builders have made it so big that it will try to straighten out the irreparable behavior within the limits of how the game has been played, for decades.

All of the aforementioned events are disturbing cases. Training staff, players and even commissioners need to open their eyes.

NFL helmet rules are much broader, including not only the use of helmets as a weapon but also accidental contact that can occur when one moving player clashes with another player. And the smart move would be to improve the rules in a more centralized manner, to arrange a meeting between owners and to go over the specifics of the rule just like the first implemented rule was decided in March.

Moreover, past events show that the NFL will never be willing to admit this mistake and make the shot, opting instead to ignore the current issue. This means that fans will be ready for a season that will raise eyebrows for all the wrong reasons.

A new record in an American football game was made in … England

American football is a sport quite strange to the British. That judgment was mercilessly negated on Sunday. There were 85,870 tickets sold at the Wembley Stadium for the confrontation between the reigning Super Bowl champions – Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a record of the American football tournament in the number of spectators. This is an agreement between the NFL organizers and the Wembley stadium.

American football is quite strange to the British

There were 85,870 tickets sold at the Wembley Stadium for the confrontation between Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a record of the American football tournament in the number of spectators. This is an agreement between the NFL organizers and the Wembley stadium.

England’s national stadium not only hosts football, but also a venue for epic music events, has brought a very new color when, for the first time, strong American football boys from across the Atlantic to this competition.

This event proves that American sports still have a great attraction to the UK audience in particular and the European audience in general. The thing, this dance will make the grass surface affected, especially at tonight’s confrontation between Tottenham and Manchester City. 

American football is a popular team sport in the United States. American football is closely related to Canadian football but there are some differences in rules and other characteristics. In the United States, some of the main forms of American football are high school football, college football and professional football, which are basically the same but differ in some points from the rules.

The National Football League, or NFL for short, is an American football league for men. There are 32 teams attending. The tournament was started in 1920 and went through two mergers with the AAFC (American Football League) and AFC (American Football League). The tournament takes place from the first Thursday of September and ends the first Sunday of February next year.

The tournament has 3 phases: the beginning of the season takes place about 2 weeks at the end of August, the official season takes place in 3 months to the new year and the playoff round takes place in 1 month of the new year.

How American football season is set up?

American football as an organized sport has come a long way from the early years. Teams at each level play in a standard season and are governed by various American football leagues, such as the NFL and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

The heart of the American football season is in the autumn months. However, training camps, trainings, and season matches usually start in the summer, and playoffs and bowls are held after Christmas and in February. Here’s how the rest season works for each level of play.

High school teams usually play eight to ten games in a season, starting after the labor day. If the teams have a successful tournament season, they will be promoted to regional or state playoff tournaments. Some schools in Texas play up to 15 games if they advance to the state championship game. Most high school teams play in a regional tournament, although some travel 50 to 100 miles to play opponents.

University American football teams

play between 10 and 13 matches, mostly in a specific meeting – Pac-12, Big Ten, SEC, ACC, etc. The top teams in the Football Division Sub-Division I FBS, make up the universities with the most money for sports scholarships, in advance through invitations to season football matches or a four-team playoff match for national championship.

Starting in the 2014-2015 season, the top four teams play in the two semi-finals, with winners facing each other in the University Football Tournament. This playoff system has replaced the controversial BCS system, which has been in use since 1998 through the 2013-2014 season.

NFL teams

32 NFL teams are divided into two conferences, NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference). American football is a weekend sport, although some games are played on Mondays and Thursdays, especially in the NFL. In general, however, the American football season begins seriously in the labor day, following this orderly pattern:

College games take place on Saturdays, mostly during the day, although a few are held on Thursdays and Fridays.

NFL plays on Sundays for the most part. For television purposes, the games are played early in the afternoon and late afternoon (Eastern time).            

Some professional American football teams in the world

American football has long been a spiritual dish for Americans along with basketball, and baseball. It is understandable that DC Comics brings this sport into its cinematic or comic universe. In this article I will summarize some of the teams in the DC cinema and comic universe and the fun fact that I found. Note that the following teams are not sure to play together in a universe or a tournament.

Gotham Rouges: Appears in The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan. This shirt color is probably inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers currently playing in the American Professional League (NFL). Fun fact: the stadium that Gotham Rouges plays in The Dark Knight Rises is the home of Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field.

Rapid City Monuments: The team competes with Gotham Rouges in The Dark Knight Rises. Fun fact: The 19th baseballs player, Ravenstahl, is a former American football player in real life.

Gotham Knights: First appeared in the Fear of Victory episode of Batman TV series (1992), and later in the Justice League TV series “Secret”. The team uniform is gray shirt and red pants.

Boston Colonials: Team battle with Gotham Knights in Fear of Victory.

Blüdhaven Brawlers: Appeared in Nightwing (volume 2) # 26, not much is known about this team.

Central City Cougars

Steel City Tigers: appears in the Teen Titans Series on Cartoon Network. In the episode, Raven is teleported to the field where Steel City Tigers are playing and is crushed: V

Metropolis Sharks: Appears in Smallville “Reaper”. This team is owned by LuthorCorp.

In addition, some of the real-life teams that are competing in the US NFL professional league are also in comics like New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers or St. Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams).

The leadership lessons from a great American football coach (Part 2)

4. Spend hours watching your competitors

For American football, you must understand the strengths and weaknesses, the trends of the opponent. Coughlin knew the Patriots’ weakness was the midfield, so Eli Manning was launched and passed his first 10 ball lines. In business, the Executive Director must make the same effort to study competitors.

Where do they advertise? What is their best product? Their activities on social networks Twitter and Facebook give the young players a chance to shine, and during the 2011-12 season, coach Coughlin gave a lot of opportunities to young players.

When an injury occurs, these players can confidently fill the void because they have some experience playing football in the NFL. You will not be able to know if young employees can improve their professional skills if they do not give them the responsibility to do a real job. Not everyone will succeed, but this will help create a work environment in which every employee finds themselves part of the company.

6. Plan your match carefully

A good coach will know exactly how he wants his team to play before it takes a long time to play. He knew his team’s strong points and devised tactics to beat his opponents. An Executive Director will plan marketing campaigns, introduce new products and customer service accurately, very limited change.

8. Put the whole team above the star players

The high-priced players cannot guarantee success. The Giants didn’t have the best players in the NFL, but Coughlin gathered an excellent team based on individuals who didn’t stand out from the rest of the team. A smart CEO will be able to get employees working together to maximize the capacity of all, creating internal teams and a collaborative working atmosphere.

Above are the leadership lessons from a great American football coach. Hopefully, these lessons are helpful to you in some ways!

Real, MU were usurped by the richest American football team in the world

According to the latest publication of the prestigious magazine Forbes, an American team has surpassed MU and Real Madrid to become the richest sports club in the world.

From 2011 until now, Real Madrid has no rivals in the money race in football in particular and in general sports. President Perez’s galaxy is always the most valuable because of its quality superstar and terrible attraction to the media.

Real Madrid is worth 2,762 billion pounds

However, despite the fact that Real has just won the 11th Champions League in history, the No. 1 position on the rich rankings has been taken. Dallas Cowboys have sprung up in a short span of time. According to a statement from Forbes, this football team is worth an estimated US $ 4 billion (equivalent to £ 3,031 billion).

Real Madrid slipped to No. 2 with $ 3,645 billion (£ 2,762 billion). Right after Barcelona, ​​the La Liga championship has helped the Catalunya team gain one place and are worth $ 3.549 billion (£ 2,689 billion). MU is the other football team appearing in the top 5. The value of “That Devil” reached 3,317 billion USD (2,513 billion pounds). Fourth place went to the New York Yankees American baseball club ($ 3,400 billion).

The remaining football clubs are left quite far behind, Germany’s No. 1 name Bayern is only 12th ($ 2,678 billion), Arsenal is 23rd ($ 2,017 billion) while Man City sped up to 28th. (US $ 1,921 billion). Chelsea (No. 36; $ 1,661 billion) and Liverpool (41; $ 1,548 billion) are the last two names to appear in the top 50 richest sports clubs in the world.

Top 5 richest sports clubs in the world

1. Dallas Cowboys (American football)

2. Real Madrid (football)

3. Barcelona (football)

4. New York Yankees (baseball)

5. Manchester United (football)

The leadership lessons from a great American football coach (Part 1)

Here are the steps that every entrepreneur should learn from Tom Coughlin‘s training book.

Many praises have been given to coach Tom Coughlin for having a very sensible strategy, preparing the players psychologically and having practiced to almost the perfect set of tactics.

1. Get the most out of your talent

The great coaches of the American NFL are those who have the ability to train players to play well beyond his real talent. Just as Coughlin once helped Victor Cruz grow from an anonymous player to a professional player, a successful CEO knows how to cultivate talent, train, and reward at the right time.

2. Make a serious talent regime

The responsibility of starting a match at the NFL is usually assigned to those who are in good form. If an employee no longer fulfills the assigned task, he or she will have to resign.

3. Promotion

In the business world, successful leaders know how to reward and reward employees with good ideas. The promotion will be based on competence, not just seniority. The reward for all members of the team must be encouraging to keep them in a state of moderate optimism.

4. Assess your talent

At the NFL tournament, taking risks in mock matches can make or destroy your team. The Giants team made many people raise their eyebrows to choose a relatively small-name player Jason Pierre Paul in the first round of the 2010 trial. No two professional seasons followed, nobody questioned this choice. half. Similarly, a CEO can lead a company to grow if it recruits a good employee or can cause the company to fall back with a bad hiring decision, especially with mid-level personnel and high.

Overview of American football (Part 2)

If the game has reached 10 yards every 4 times, there will be 4 more plays. Like that, if the team takes the ball to the end of the opponent’s line, it will score 6 points.

After each score, 7 Field (Touch down) and 3 points (Field Goal) are required to return the ball to your team. Can kick the ball from the middle of the field to your team. If it is the opponent’s turn to attack, his team will be defensive, so on and on.

In the United States, there is a professional football league NFL (National Football League) and an amateur college (College Football) between universities.

Such a dangerous sport

American football is a sport that is often dangerous with many dangerous moves such as ramming, bumping, tumbling, etc. Players participating in the competition must be fully equipped with a full-equipped helmet, protective gear, armor to be more confident when entering the competition, avoiding unnecessary accidents.

The reason is risky because of the fierce nature of competition, so many injuries occur such as knee tank, head injury, bruising of the hip, shoulders, ankles, hands, etc. will cause long-lasting injuries and can even cause serious damage to the brain. That’s why football players have a short time and chronic pain will last long.

According to a study by Boston University in the US, it has also shown the extreme danger that this sport brings. According to statistics, there are many players suffering from head injuries that cause serious injury, even chronic brain injury. The age of this game is very short because of the sequelae when playing, it is extremely long-lasting. Of the 35 retired professional players, up to 34 players show signs of brain damage.

Although it is the most popular sport, when participating, you should think carefully because of the injuries and seizures left. Play safely, avoid violence to bring the most fun and comfortable moments.

The Women’s University Sevens League of AFL attracts international players

This is a women’s sports competition that officials from the Cricket League hope to bring a path to Australia’s Olympic athletes in the future.

“The tournament will play better last year and it will get better, the beats are stronger and people will play faster and the game will be faster.”

She will play for the University of Queensland in the second season of the Uni Sevens Series, along with two teammates from the Netherlands in the ranks of the University of Queensland. Overall, 20 international players will compete in 5 rounds, which is considered to be against rivals in the American football world.

Meanwhile, Ms. Abby Gustaitis from the United States played for the University of Canberra team again.

“There are many girls from the United States who are very jealous of the competition in this Lower Country and we have to practice more before the series starts again.” She said she would play in three competitions at the opening, before joining the American team when starting the world tournament. The competition started with three teams of Australian universities, and the players were contracted.

University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne will compete and the University of Western Australia will participate next year.

Anni Buntine started playing for sevens American football and said the sport attracted many women in Melbourne, which is considered the traditional holy land of AFL American football.

“Some of us have a base in the Australian League American football league, so we often clash more aggressively, but that is very exciting to see that we can reach a bright future in American football”.

“Joining the competition, I think we have a lower body, but no one knows what we have achieved, I think we are a little closer to the results.”

The competition is set up, to open a path for young talents

The work of the Sevens women who won the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, attracted the attention of everyone in the subject. The Australian American football head, Ben Whitaket, said the second season of the tournament again, will help discover and nurture future national stars before the Olympics. Tokyo Association in 2020.

“We want to find talented and dynamic players to really promote the best and nurture stars in the future before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.”

Overview of American football (Part 1)

American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, it ranks above both king sports and is on par with basketball. Currently, American football is gradually gaining popularity worldwide. Why is this subject so popular? Learn more about American football overview information in the following article!


The playing field of American football will be about 91m long, divided into 20 sections and each section will have a length of 4.5m. The width of the yard is marked with 19 long white bars. Between the long lines are 4 rows of short lines, each separated by 1m, with 4 lines. In the final section, the end of the yard (forbidden area) with a length of 9.1m is usually a red diagonal stripe and separated by a long white line (no road). At the end of the restricted area is the last line, followed by the goalpost.

An American football team can be up to 40-50 people, divided into 3 small teams including attack team, defensive team, mixed teams or special teams. 7 people in the top include a midfielder, 2 sides are 2 big players midfielder, next to 2 midfielders are 2 players will take charge of attacking big butting, the other is 2 players catch the ball.

The captain will stand behind the player. Behind the captain is the central defender or defender. Two stop buttons will stand behind the catcher and the big knocker. Although they use different formations depending on the circumstances, the number of players in the team is at least 5 people.

The attacking team will have 4 attempts to find a 10 yards approach to the opponent’s field (each yard = 0.91m) to get to the end of the team, scoring 6 points. If the player does not move 10 yards after playing 4 times, he must return the ball to the opponent. The opponent will replace all players with a defensive role, instead of 11 players attacking. Your team is the opposite when you replace 11 attacking players with 11 defensive players.

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