There are many dangerous sports in the world, but saying American football is one of the most dangerous subjects is not exaggerating at all. Any professional player must accept a career risk because of the injury it causes.

American football players often have to play in the state of a broken hand dangling from their shoulders, breaking their fingers and toes, dislocating their ankles or shoulders. Only one injury can affect health throughout the rest of the life, sometimes an injury that is deep in the brain that will only develop 15-20 years later and cause the body to be paralyzed or may die. It’s American football!

Because of the contentiousness of the competition due to the struggle for every inch of the field, this subject is very dangerous. The handballs are equipped with head-mounted helmets and armor, and all kinds of protective equipment make them look no different from warriors.

This subject is so dangerous that even US President Barack Obama has expressed concern about its violence just before this year’s Super Bowl. He once said that if he had a son, he would have to think “very carefully and for a long time” before allowing him to participate in the country’s most popular sport. He also said that this sport should be less violent.

Boston University in the United States has produced a study that shows the extreme danger of bumps, bumps, acrobatics, etc. in American football. The report shows that professional players often suffer from head injuries and they can cause serious long-term damage to the brain, also known as chronic brain injury. The report also said that out of 35 retired professional players, up to 34 had signs of brain damage.

So far it has been 4,000 players have filed a lawsuit to the NFL because they have received too many injuries from American football matches.