Footwork exercises that help fighters dodge on the ring can also be applied to players on the pitch.

Thanks to the flexible movement, the players with small stature can limit being hit during passing. Footwork is also an important element of American football.

Impact resistance

American football players inherently have high resistance, but compared to Boxing and other martial arts competitions they are still difficult to match. Boxing is a sport that practitioners often get punched in the face, abdomen, liver and sometimes in the lower. So American football players will try to practice the pain factor from Boxing.

Even Russell Wilson – a famous American football player had to learn boxing from coach Freddie Roach – who trained Manny Pacquaio and a host of other talents.

Concussion in the head increases the risk of suicide

Many suicides committed by American American football athletes are thought to be the result of head injuries during competition.

The risk of suicide in adults will increase when a concussion in the head, according to a study by scientists from the University of Toronto (Canada) recently published in the journal CMAJ of the Canadian Medical Association.

Scientists surveyed 235,000 adults who suffered head-on-earth shocks over 20 years and found that their risk of suicide was three times higher than in those without head-shaking.

The link between head-shaking and previous increased risk of suicide has also been mentioned by many researchers and media. This relationship was further noticed after two American football players Junior Seau and Dave Duerson committed suicide and were found to have suffered a chronic brain injury earlier due to a head injury during American football competition.

The study by University of Toronto scientists could be considered as the first to determine the specific link between head-shaking and increased risk of suicide. But according to scientists, more research is needed to assess whether brain damage from head trauma or other factors such as depression are a cause of increased suicide risk.