American football players need to practice boxing (Part 1)

Despite being the most competitive sport of the day, American football players still have to practice boxing as a supplement to American football – the most violent sport in the world.

There have been many American football players claiming that Boxing is one of the most important exercises in the training program. But why does adding boxing to the training program help players compete more effectively?

Endurance factor

American football is one of the sports with the highest fitness requirements. There have been many players who failed on the pitch because of exhaustion before the game ended. Boxing is the same. 3 rounds of boxing competition with physical fitness equivalent to running 21km.

In the words of USC Trojan midfielder Jack Sears, the program of endurance training by a professional puncher is the most difficult exercise he has ever tried. The reason this exercise is so intense is because boxers will always have to prepare for the worst case, they have to play up to 36 minutes.

Hand-eye coordination

While endurance is important, it’s not the only thing that needs to be focused on Boxing. Accuracy of the punch is equally important, a strong punch without hitting the target is a waste of fitness. This is similar to American football, many players have stated that sprinting is not as important as catching a teammate’s pass.

That is why the players apply Boxing hand-eye exercises to the training program. More specifically, they chose to hit the pad, this is an exercise that does not need much investment cost but great effect.

Move and defense

Boxing is not just a sport where boxers release their punches for 12 rounds, dodging is also an important part of Boxing. World-class defenders with good defensive skills, such as Mayweather and Tyson Fury, have good stamina and mobility.

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