When it comes to football, people often think of the king sport originating from England. However, in the United States, fans also call it the American football name. This is a dangerous sport that player who suffers from injuries will have a hard time recovering. Join us to learn more about American football in this article!

What does American football’s rules?

Known for its popular team play, American football is the most popular sport in the United States. American football has a close relationship with rugby in Canada.

Learn about American rugby league

Although the form is different, most American football and rugby rules are the same. Usually, before participating in American football tournaments, the players must be fully prepared for the competition clothing as well as the competition equipment.

At the same time, players have to master the game rules as well as basic American football techniques. Players must comply with different rules and regulations of the organization’s leadership.

The condition for participating in the American football tournament is that the number of players must be sufficient, the equipment is fully prepared and safe for the matches. Besides, at the tournament, there must always be a medical team to watch out for unwanted accidents on the field causing injury to the players.

The American football league is extremely dangerous

It can be said that American football is the most dangerous sport in the world today. Any professional player must accept a career risk, unwanted injuries that can happen at any time.

Why is American football dangerous?

First of all, when familiarizing with this subject, football players must often play in the situation of a broken arm dangling on the shoulder, broken fingers, toes, etc. Dislocating the ankle or shoulder is also a common affair. These injuries not only affect the outcome of the match but also affect the health of players throughout life.