American football, boxing can cause brain damage (Part 2)

“Many nights I fell asleep and wished I never had to deal with traumatic brain injuries,” Mr. Omalu said. “But what kept me going was when I realized that many players had solved it. turmeric has brought these syndromes in silence, in darkness. No one talks to them and in fact they are ashamed of themselves for the heroic culture that exists in the NFL.”

Not only American football, but also football cannot avoid criticism from Dr. Omalu. Remember in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Uruguayan player Alvaro Pereira passed out after colliding with England’s Raheem Sterling. However, Pereira was then allowed to continue playing. According to Dr. Omalu, he does not classify football as a group of high impact sports because the goal of football is not to target the opponent but some aspects also need to be considered.

“Instead of using an 11-player squad, can we reduce the number of members for each team? Should we put a ban on headers at youth leagues?” He said. is how to control risk and reduce the risk of headaches.”

It is not unreasonable that in November last year, the American Football Association banned children under 10 years of age from playing with the head, while ages 11-13 also restricted the use of the head in training.

As Dr. Omalu said “In the past, most parents said they didn’t know the risks in high impact sports. Now we all know and our duty is to protect children.”

As can be seen, some sports like American football and boxing can cause many types of injuries including brain damage. Because of that fact, there have been many inventions to decrease the damages the sport may bring such as specialized helmet and uniform. However, American football and boxing are such dangerous sports that should be limited for children.

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